How do you set the stage for a successful meeting, conference or employee experience? By getting your audience to Listen Differently®.

With an elegant simplicity, Stephanie tells stories to illustrate her insights on listening and plays magnificent live cello music as the audience explores different ways of listening.


Effective listening produces change and creates possibilities. Through live cello playing and storytelling, Stephanie demonstrates five ways to Listen Differently®.

Your audience will experience how to:
• Treasure the power of listening to someone
• Train your focus on what is essential
• See things as they really are to grasp opportunity
• Approach routine with new motivation
• Orient the mind for inspiration


Prime your stakeholders for CEO presentations, executive retreats and important meetings with this 15-30 minute experiential talk. Stephanie will prepare your audience to Listen Differently® with live cello playing and storytelling, uniting your audience in a receptive state of mind.