By weaving masterful live cello music with educational content, Stephanie creates an even deeper learning experience.

Your attendees will learn how to:
• Treasure the power of listening to someone
• Train your focus on what is essential
• See things as they really are to grasp opportunity
• Approach routine with new motivation
• Orient the mind for inspiration


Feed your group’s productivity and connectivity. In single or multiple sessions, bring your team together for an experience combining music and listening activities, resulting in stronger listening skills and a renewed sense of purpose.


Generate a stronger sense of community at your conference by offering a breakout session that helps participants tune into one another, enhance listening comprehension, and increase information retention by learning five ways to Listen Differently®.


Improve listening skills and increase synergy with workshops designed around your needs and time frame. Using five ways to Listen Differently®, workshops help participants improve relationships, enhance collaboration, bolster leadership skills, and heighten productivity.